A Visit to the Vatican

This post was written by jd on June 3, 2010
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Vatican City known officially as the State of the Vatican City

We started in the Vatican Museum. The line was CRAZY, so we signed up with a English speaking tour guide only 10 Euros more apiece, but we got to skip the line. The Museum had ALL of the best art in Italy… it was just fantastic.


The Sistine Chapel was beautiful, but without binoculars, it was really hard to see the art, and again, hundreds of people. Too much for us, but the guide had done a really good explanation of the Sistine Chapel with pictures, before we got there so we didn’t miss much. The guide also warned us that with so many people looking up, watch out for the pickpockets looking down, at your wallet, bag, etc., so we were extra wary of those scenarios, ands escaped without loss. (sorry no pictures)

Then we went into the burial area for Popes under Saint Peters and into Saint Peter’s Basilica itself…more pictures. It truly is the largest church in the world… you felt like there was at least 4 or 5 churches as you gazed in one direction, then another.

Then I had asthma attack and spent most of Tuesday in a (free) emergency room at a hospital.  The full story will be a
later blog…cost of all services $0.00!

While I was at the hospital, Judy went to see the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish steps, but she jammed the camera and only got pictures of the Pantheon. Continuously in use since its construction, the Pantheon building has sunken below the current street level, as the city has risen on 20 centuries of rubble. First a Roman temple, it became a church dedicated to the Martyrs just after the fall of Rome. The barbarians left it alone, and the locals didn’t quarry it for rock and marble… others added to its art and statuary and it became the beauty it is today.

The Trevi Fountain is beautiful,here’s a picture

Tomorrow we are traveling again….

Written by Judy Pinegar

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