Angel & I on Nevada County

This post was written by jd on February 22, 2009
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Angel, she does not like her picture taken.

Angel, she does not like her picture taken.

Angel asked me the other day why I liked Nevada County so much. She said she’s 49 now and we have always lived here. (Angel’s seven, but dogs age seven times faster then humans, although some times I think I’m keeping up with her)

I said Angel, it’s like this, to give you an example, I was a construction project manager for a large land development company that developed subdivisions in Truckee and North Shore. Once a month I had to go to San Francisco and attend a committee meeting. Thats where a bunch of people get together for hours to talk about nothing and what a single line text message could have taken care without all that waste of time.

Anyhow, I would get to the company’s office right in the heart of the financial business district on California Street. I’d stand outside and watch people who would seem to be in high gear, walking like they were all late for a committee meeting or something. You can’t believe the traffic there either, I think they have more cars in one block then all the cars we have in Nevada County and the buildings are so tall, they had to calculate the orbit of the moon before they built them.

Coming back from all the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area, I would come up Highway 49 and as soon as I crossed the county line at Bear River, I would start getting calm, a feeling of coming back to nature. Driving along the highway, first there were and still are the large oaks to greet you, then continuing on you are surrounded by large pines on both sides of the highway, tall sentinels welcoming you back, bringing you back to a true reality of life.

That’s the way Nevada County is, an abundance of forest and terrain, having different eco-systems, from Penn Valley where you can raise horses and is more open, fewer trees, to areas around Nevada City higher in elevation, where you are surrounded by a canopy of trees and forest environment. You can live below the snow belt or above it. It’s an amazing County, where in just a few minutes you can be in completely different worlds. It’s a much slower pace here, more peaceful and more like life should be.

So Angel, that’s why I like Nevada County, the pace of life is much slower, more real and people are not in a rush to go to committee meetings.

Do you understand Angel? Angel; yes and now can I have a cookie?


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