Another Real Estate Scam, Call Me on My Foreign Mobile Phone

This post was written by jd on July 15, 2009
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One of the scam’s that has been going on since at least 2007 is to send an e-mail to you stating they are interested in viewing one of your properties. The e-mails are usually sent to someone who is renting property and Realtors® seem to be a prime target.

The e-mail goes something like this:

“I am interested in viewing one of your properties, could you please call me on my foreign mobile +882 135 502 99 to setup a time. As I am travelling at the moment I am unable to pickup emails regularly so please call.
Kind regards,
Liz Casey
Mobile: +882 135 502 99 (of course do not call!)
Email: lizcasey@zapak.com”

It’s obvious that if you receive an e-mail like this that it’s a scam. There is no mention of what property they are referring to, or if there is, the next thing they will do to get your money is send you a bogus check as a deposit to hold the property, most often in the form of a certified check. Next, they will e-mail you and say they have overpaid you, or they decided they did not want the property and request a refund.

I Googled this scam and came up with someone who had experience with this and here is what they wrote:

“They will eventually get around to talking you into discontinuing the ad then they will send a counterfeit check. Next comes a request to refund some of the money from the bogus check claiming they overpaid. It’s amazing that folk’s fall for these scams. We played one along and got a $25.00 reward for turning the check over to the bank. If you play along with a scammer and receive a check. don’t handle it, the FBI may want to lift prints from it.”

I’m not sure the FBI is interested at all. The last time I tried to report a scam they were not interested and really did not even want to talk about it..

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I heard about this the other day. I had to deal with this in another industry and it was not fun. Crazy all the things people do – if they’d spend their time on something productive they’d be ultra-successful…

Written By Anonymous on July 15th, 2009 @ 6:39 AM