Bats Under Tile Roof and How to Handle Bats in Your Home

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Here’s an extreme case of bats under a tile roof. I have to feel sorry for the bats, because now they don’t have a home and will have to find another place for shelter. Here’s how to handle bats if found in your home. (hopefully, not of the magnitude  shown in this video)

“Don’t panic. The solutions are simple.

Bats are rarely aggressive, even if they’re being chased, but they may bite in self-defense if handled. As with any wild animal, bats should never be touched with bare hands. Always wear gloves when removing bats. Only a small percentage of bats (about one-half of one percent overall) have rabies, but anyone bitten by a bat should immediately seek medical consultation.

A solitary bat – often a lost youngster – will occasionally fly into a home, garage or other building through an open door or window. When this happens, the bat’s primary goal is to escape safely back outside. As long as no direct human contact with the bat has occurred, it can be released outdoors.

These bats will usually leave on their own if a window or door to the outside is opened, while interior entrances are closed.

If the bat does not leave on its own, it can be safely captured and released outside. (See the illustrations at right). Wait until the bat lands, then cover it with a small box or other container. Slip a piece of cardboard between the wall and the container, gently trapping the bat inside. Wait until nightfall and, with the bat inside the cardboard-covered container, take it outdoors and release it.”

Source: Bats Conservation International




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