Online Safety Basics for the Holidays And Year Around

Photo courtesy of www.telegraph.co.uk With the holidays coming, the wave of the tech crooks are out in force. Here are some tips to protect yourself. Shop only on secure websites. One indicator of a secure website is the presence of a yellow padlock icon in the browser bar. Another indicator is “https” (as compared to “http” […]

Former Professional Football Player Opens the Fade Factory Barbershop

“The Fade Factory Barbershop recently opened its doors by well known football player Chad Elliott.  Chad played at Nevada Union, Grant High School, Arizona State University, Syracuse University and thirteen years in the Indoor Football League.  The  hip, new sports themed barbershop is located across the street from Maria’s Restaurant in downtown Grass Valley. “Not too many […]

Review of Bear River Pasta Company

Bear River Pasta Company Entrance ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 4 By Judy J. Pinegar, Writer Recently, a friend recommended I try the Bear River Pasta Company, it was a little hard to find, at 109 Bank Street. Inside it is compact and very clean. There is a refrigerator full of pre-made pasta […]

Anonymous Online Reviewers Made be Subject to a Lawsuit

Recent cases are challenging the rights of online reviewers to remain anonymous against the right of businesses to pursue defamation claims. In one of the latest cases, Yelp filed an appeal all the way to the Virginia Supreme Court that challenges a court’s order to release the identity of allegedly defamatory reviewer. In the case, […]

Visit to Olive Vitality, Grass Valley, CA

  Last Sunday Judy, my daughter Teresa and I walked the streets of Grass Valley like tourist coming up from the Bay Area.  Having not walked down Mill Street for a while, I was surprised at the many new stores that have opened and of course the many that have closed. One great new store […]

Steve Jobs Spaceship Office Complex Construction Delayed

httpv://youtu.be/TkNMVtwBBTM   Apple’s ambitious new second campus, which looks like a spaceship design straight out of Hollywood, is being delayed according to new info from Bloomberg . The huge circular new headquarters won’t be fully operational until 2016, according to revised plans filed with the city of Cupertino on November 14.. Some minor revisions to […]

Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft You Must Be Kidding

  I made the mistake of downloading the trial version of Windows 8 thinking it was an upgrade to Windows 7. No, it’s tablet software and downloading it on a PC is, like Microsoft are you kidding? Why don’t you tell people its tablet software and not suitable for PC’s? The first thing that comes […]

Facts On The 3.8% Health Tax

                  A 3.8 percent levy on certain investment income was included in healthcare legislation two years ago, and now misinformation about the tax’s application to home sales is being passed along over the Internet and e-mail, throwing some prospective home sellers into a panic. In actuality, very […]

The Nigerian Letter or “419” Scam

I wrote a blog about the Nigerian scam sometime ago.  I’m repeating this warning from the FBI since I know someone who fell for this scheme.  The person would not tell me how much he lost, and he was somewhat sheepish about it. So anyhow, here goes, hopefully it will prevent someone from going off […]

Popular Web Sites Shut Down Today in Protest

WordPress.org, Craigslist, Wikipedia, Moveon.org, Reddit, and Firefox browser creator Mozilla are among more than a dozen Web sites that are going dark on Wednesday for a 24-hour period to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA), which critics say threaten free speech on the Internet. The antipiracy legislation […]