I’m Building a Barn, Part 3

October 12, like I said in my last two posts about I’m building a barn, one of my former clients is having me build them a 28′ x 42′ barn with a sheltered overhang that is 14′ x 42′ at the back of the barn. I had built their home several years ago and a […]

I’m Building a Barn, Part 2

October 2, 2009 I’m building a 1,176 square foot barn for a client for whom I built their home several years ago. Than last year I built a workshop for them The progress since last week, when only the foundation was poured and the decomposed granite floor went in, is that all of the exterior […]

Now I’m Building a Barn, Part 1

In addition to my real estate company, I also have a construction company, O’Dell Construction. I have been building in Nevada County and surrounding areas since 1971.  This has been a slow year, but I have two projects, one which I just finished for a former client. Right now, I am building a barn for […]

Is Your Deck Safe? Deck Safety for Nevada County Residents

Picture From The Home Doctor  Nevada County is beautiful, scenic and in many areas serene.  Most homes in Nevada County have decks—so folks can enjoy the views, sun and solitude.  Nevada County also enjoys autumn and winter-rains and a few days of snow.  Due to the four seasons, decks and structural members are exposed to […]