China’s Building Bubble Bout to Bust

This post was written by jd on February 22, 2010
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Another building bubble?  Yes, but this time it’s not the US that has a building bubble, we are way past the bubble and on the path to recovery. This time it’s China, with banks making as many loans as possible to get the mortgage upfront fees. (Does this sounds familiar to you?)

Flipping properties, factory owners are more interested in buying and selling property then production. Get this, even manufacturing in China is going out of country because of high labor prices!

According to the Star.com:

“Frenzied developers with access to cheap money are creating a glut of premium office space and luxury apartments, priced at about 80 times the average income of the city’s residents. Prospective middle-class homeowners, in panic-buying mode, are snapping up two properties at once, hoping to flip the second one to finance the first. Civic officials are encouraging the building boom.

The sale of vacant lots bolster their municipal coffers.

Banks eager to reap upfront fees are granting mortgages to all comers. Even factory owners are in on the speculation, generating more profit from flipping property than from traditional manufacturing, which increasingly is moving offshore to Vietnam, Malaysia and other nations with lower labour costs.”

Read the full article at  TheStar.com

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