Cirino’s at Main Street, Grass Valley, CA

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Cirino's at Main St. Grass Valley, CA

Cirino's at Main St. Grass Valley, CA

By Sherri L.Reynolds

This eating establishment provides and serves Mediterranean cuisine with an atmosphere of soft lights, colorful decor and the painted murals on the walls give you a feel for Italy. I especially like the colored flags of different countries in the main dining room. It allows one to imagine and to enjoy a meal, specially prepared from the Cirino family kitchen, to experience being somewhere else in the world.

The food here is carefully made from their time honored recipes. From “The Old World Butcher Shop” menus, which consist of Sicilian pork rostini with orange thyme sauce or wild plum sauce to Aldo’s char-grilled steak a’la gorgonzola ( locals love this) it’s a dish and recipe from Jerry’s father’s family in Napoli, Italy.

There are appetizers, soups, sandwiches and salads to generously choose from. The grilled Greek pita bread appetizer with spinach/artichoke dip is a wonderful choice to begin your festival of foods with. My salad favorite is the Tunisian Chicken salad, layered with grilled teriyaki chicken breast, fresh baby green lettuce, buckwheat, noodles, snow peas, tomatoes, cashews and tossed with a spicy North African dressing. The taste is amazing !

They also serve pastas, grains and delicious risotto dishes. I generally lean towards the risotto with fresh rosemary, red flame grapes and brie cheese. It’s a melt in your mouth meal to savor and to enjoy each and every bite. The complimentary bread basket is an aroma of fresh baked bread right out of the oven. Nice and warm.

Other dishes to explore are Tucher’s stuffed polenta, filled with fresh basil, marinated artichoke hearts, saute’ed red peppers, mozzarella, Italian Parmesans cheese set in a bed of red marinara sauce, also the rigatoni prosciutto balsamella, a soft creamy and comfort food at its best.

There is a wide range of wines and beer to pair with all the dishes and Jerry gives suggestions on his menu list to choose from. They also have a bar where you can sit and enjoy some great food and spirits. Plus, live satellite TV for the avid sport fan to watch.

Jerry and Tucker also have a kid’s menu to accommodate the younger appetite, so they too, can experience the value of fine dining.

Most importantly, are the friendly waiters and waitresses who provide impeccable service to help suggest and provide a pleasurable eating adventure. From my experience, after having a wonderful meal here, I always leave with a smile on my face.

Cirino’s At Main Street  located at 213 East Main St. Grass Valley, Ca. 530-477-6000
Open daily for lunch and dinner 7 days a week with your hosts Jerry and Tucker Cirino.

“Enjoy life and the taste for it”

Bon appétit,
Sherri L.Reynolds
freelance/poet/creative writer

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