“Demon Sheep” Let the Political Games Begin!

This post was written by jd on February 6, 2010
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Let the games begin! Now we again start the political cam-pain season and this little video has taken the internet by storm. It’s on the top ten twitters on Twitter. The ad, released this week by California republican candidate Carly Fiorina, takes aim at her primary opponent Tom Campbell. Ms Fiorina’s ad shows a human dressed as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” with red laser eyes creeping around a field of real sheep.

• Depicts competitor as red-eyed sheep
• May be inspired by B-Grade Kiwi horror

If you don’t want to listen to the full cam-pain ad, skip to 2:20 for the demon sheep


According to the Huffington Post, the ad may be inspired by Black Sheep, a 2007 B-grade horror film made in New Zealand.


So, what do you think?

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