Facing Foreclosure, Man Tries to Destroy Home With His SUV

This post was written by jd on April 17, 2010
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One of the sad realities of having your home foreclosed is the tremendous amount of physiological pressure that is involved.  Can you imagine buying a home, calling it yours, spending money to fix it up, than due to circumstances beyond your control, loss of income, sickness or whatever, you can’t make your mortgage payments.

Having had several clients try to work out loan modifications with a bank, I can somehow understand the frustration that this man must have felt when he finally reached a breaking point.

Here’s one of the latest cases of a person going over the top due to foreclosure.


According to the Springhill News a man who told Ohio authorities that he was facing foreclosure rammed his house with his SUV.

Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly says 30-year-old Steve Doak told deputies he was recently served with foreclosure papers and wanted to destroy the house rather than turn it over to the bank.

The sheriff’s office says Doak drove the vehicle into fencing and then into the rear of the house in New Carlisle, about 50 miles west of Columbus. They say he did extensive structural damage. Authorities say they shut off utilities in the home for safety reasons.

Doak was arrested Tuesday on charges of inducing panic, disorderly conduct and other counts.

He has pleaded not guilty. No one answered his phone Thursday morning and the voice mailbox was full.

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