From Sorrento Italy to a Museum in Naples

This post was written by jd on June 7, 2010
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Taking the Circumvesuviana Train back to Naples, we were determined to see the best art and statues that had been ripped off from Pompeii and Herculaneum.  After walking a while we came to Museo Archeologico. When Pompeii was excavated in the early 1800s, Naples’s Bourbon King bellowed “Bring me the best of what you find!” The actual site is barren but the best finds are here!


Some beautiful statues from the Farnese Collection, a very rich family that collected these statues, then donated them to the museum. The most famous is the Toro Farnese, depicting a woman being tied to a bull.  At 13 feet it is the tallest ancient marble group ever found. The story: In Greece, King Lycus was bewitched by Dirce. He abandoned his pregnant wife, Antiope (standing regally in the background.) The single mom then gave birth to twin boys, shown here. When they grew up, they killed their deadbeat dad and tied Dirce to the horns of a bull to be bashed against a mountain. Lots of other action in the marble, and in the background, Antiope sees this harsh ancient justice with satisfaction.

Many more beautiful statues, some done in different marble to show the difference between skin and clothing, pottery and other artifacts abound.

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