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This post was written by jd on May 5, 2009
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This lovely picture of a listing features a totally air conditioned home. Features include blue tarp, (may be used in a pinch to cover a pickup load to the dump) and some fire wood. Located in Hyde Park, NY.

A couple of things today. One, I talked to one of the major banks that I had listed yesterday about lifting the moratorium on foreclosures. He stated that the banks are loosing up their lending requirements. He stated that the TARP money was being used and they were working hard to stop foreclosures. In fact, he mentioned that they would soon be going back to making loans based on stated income for business people who had a good credit history. That sounds like we have hit bottom!

Now I know, I said fun Fridays, but I need some input from you, the reader.

Do you have stories of Nevada County that you would like to share? Some history of Nevada County? How about some pictures of something funny that you’ve seen or a funny picture of some one’s listing? Something going on that you would like to comment on? (No politics or grips please)

Anything else you would like to know about or like to see on this site?

Contact me and let me know. Please use this contact form. I know, you hate forms, but if I don’t use the form and just use my e-mail, there is software out there that grabs e-mail addresses and then I get a ton of junk mail.

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.

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