Happy Holidays Nevada County

This post was written by jd on January 1, 2009
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Happy Holidays to everyone. Since its the holiday season, I am writing a very short blog. As we begin 2009, we know that the news has not been the best, but we are fortunate to live in a beautiful area, with a great variety of climates, terrain, plant and animal life. We still have the small town friendliness where we know each other and cars even stop for pedestrians. So as we go forth in 2009, let’s keep our perspective, count our blessings, keep a positive attitude, and remember what a grand area we live in. Best Wishes for 2009!

Scotts Flat Lake January 1, 2009

Snow scene December 2008 from my deck looking at Scotts Flat Lake and towards the Coast Range Mountains


Another snow scene December 2009 Banner Quaker Hill Road.

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