How Not to Face Foreclosure!

This post was written by jd on February 2, 2009
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The house being foreclosed

The house being foreclosed

From a scene that could have come out of a movie, a husband and wife loaded up with guns, ammunition, and homemade bombs and fought off Otero County, New Mexico, Sheriff Deputies that initially tried to serve the foreclosure notice.

Then they got into a battle with the New Mexico State Police SWAT team comprised of nearly 100 officers. At the end, the wife was dragged out of the home by a bomb robot and the husband was found dead with a rifle at his side.

According to Alamogordon Daily News

“Sgt. Andrew Tingwall said the woman, whom police would not identify, was heavily armed and wearing a bulletproof vest. She was arrested and charged with assault with intent to commit a violent felony on a police officer.

He said officers decided to use the robot to grasp her ankle and pull her out of the house.

Officers pulled her away from where she was lying face down,” Tingwall said. “She had two pistols in her pockets and (was) lying on a shotgun.” Police medical members rendered first aid to the woman. Tingwall said she was taken immediately to a hospital.

“At approximately 2 a.m., SWAT officers made an approach of the residence behind a Dona Ana County bomb robot. The approaching officers discovered that there was a male subject with a rifle lying deceased behind a vehicle.”

The wife is facing felony charges with assault with intent to commit a violent felony on a police officer. She may face additional charges according to the police.

So the score, husband dead, wife in jail, house foreclosed. Facing foreclosure is not easy, but this is not the way to go!

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