I’m Building a Barn, Part 2

This post was written by jd on October 4, 2009
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October 2, 2009

I’m building a 1,176 square foot barn for a client for whom I built their home several years ago. Than last year I built a workshop for them

The progress since last week, when only the foundation was poured and the decomposed granite floor went in, is that all of the exterior walls have been framed. In addition, the trusses were delivered and are standing. Half the siding is in place and the windows have been delivered. Progress has been good and we are on schedule. Here are a couple of pictures of our progress.


Note that the trusses are “scissored” to give more volume to the barn and less chance of a horse hitting it’s head if it rears up.  The walls are ten foot high. Two of the interior stable walls are framed.

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