I’m Building a Barn, Part 4

This post was written by jd on October 28, 2009
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October 28

I building a barn for clients whom I built their home in 2002, than a workshop last year and now they have decided to build a barn. We lost a lot of time last week because of the rains.  We finished putting the roofing on today, finished the rough plumbing and actually screwed in a lot of the interior walls which are plywood.  It takes a little more time to use screws in set of nails, but if the client in the future wants to remove some of the walls or put blocking in, it will make it easier for them.


Today we get inspection for the framing, rough plumbing and hold-downs. Hold downs are so to speak, anchors into the foundation with brackets that attach to the framing. We should be close to finishing next week, and actually, the clients are putting hay in the barn this Friday.  They can do that and not be in our way at this stage of the barn building.

Let me know if you have any building needs……

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