Jackie Greene Appearing at The Center for the Arts in Grass Valley

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Jackie Greene is appearing at the Center for the Arts on Father’s Day June 19th. Seating is limited to 300 persons, so you better make your reservations now!

Where you’re going has always been more important than where you’ve been. By his music, Jackie Greene appears to have been through every major American musical influence: from country, to jazz, to folk to rock. And, marked by the release of his newest album American Myth, it’s clear that Greene knows where he’s going. His roots twist to create a unique sound, combining the introspection of an engaging songwriter with the energy of a chemically harged rock band.

In early 2005, he signed with a major record label, Verve Forecast. Sweet Somewhere Bound was reissued that year, followed by a new release, American Myth, in March 2006. The following year, Greene joined Phil Lesh and Friends, the Grateful Dead bassist’s ensemble dedicated to the interpretation of the Dead’s extensive song book. Other members of the band at the time included John Molo, Larry Campbell and Steve Molitz. Also in 2005 his song “I Will Never Let Go” was used in the soundtrack for the movie Brokeback Mountain. Meanwhile, Greene continued to pursue solo efforts, releasing Giving Up the Ghost in April 2008, and made his second visit to Late Night With Conan O’Brien in June 2008, performing “Like A Ball & Chain”. Another song from the album, “I Don’t Live in a Dream”, was featured on episodes of the NBC television series Life in November 2008 and ABC’s Private Practice in March 2009.

In October through November 2009, Greene played a series of shows with Government Mule, culminating at the end of the tour on Halloween at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby, during which Jackie played and sang through an entire set of Rolling Stones songs with Gov’t Mule.

The journey is now the depth behind his music. “I’ve been writing, recording and performing non-stop. I’ve lived in cars, hotels, basements…slept on floors, couches, strange girl’s beds. I wrote lots of songs in those places. Some I’ll never remember, but that’s all part of it, I guess.” With a stream-of-consciousness vibe, many of Greene’s songs reflect a certain spontaneity, traveling quickly from inspiration to album to fan. “Music that’s too perfect isn’t music anymore.  It’s better to just capture a moment in time.” says Greene of his philosophy.


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