Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft You Must Be Kidding

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So the next question, how do I turn my computer off or put it to sleep? First time I had to Google to figure out how to turn off a computer.  Well, you go to the far right corner and some icons come up. Click on the lower right hand corner and several icons come up, including settings. Click on settings and there it is “power”. Click again on power and you can put your computer to sleep, restart or shut down. Are you getting it now? Click, click, click.

So after playing with Windows 8 for awhile, I went to recovery on my HP computer, made three recovery disks and reinstalled Windows 7.  Once that was done, I had to download the driver for my video card and restart the computer in save mode.  Then I could install the driver for the video card. Of course, restoring the HP computer to factory new meant that I had all the original bloat ware that comes with an HP computer. So the next hour was removing the bloat ware and re-installing my programs.

In short, Windows 8 is like Windows Vista which was a disaster. I think Microsoft has a team of engineers who work to see how bad they can make every other upgrade of Windows.  That way, whoever buys the bad version, will be ready to upgrade right away to the next version. In short, I would not recommend Windows 8 to any serious PC user in a business environment. It is a disaster. .

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