Five Mistakes Home Buyers Make

This post was written by jd on September 4, 2010
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Affordable home prices and historically low interest rates have created an ideal situation for many qualified first-time home buyers to purchase a house.  Despite this opportunity, some buyers may be overconfident and make mistakes during the home-buying process.


  • Some first-time buyers are unaware of the vast amount of paperwork and negotiations that go into purchasing a home.  As a result, buyers may think they can save money by forgoing the use of a REALTOR®.  However, managing the nuances of offers, inspections, financing, and other pivotal steps when buying a home often causes confusion and anxiety for buyers.  Working with a REALTOR®–who is obligated to put the buyer’s best interests first–will help to alleviate buyer concerns during this process.
  • Online mortgage calculators can help buyers estimate the amount of house they can afford, but calculators should not be the sole source for mortgage-approval information.  Buyers are advised to meet with a mortgage broker or banker prior to beginning the home search to help determine the loan amount for which they are most likely to be approved.
  • Although there is a large selection of homes available for sale, home buyers should not assume they can make low offers or unreasonable demands.  Even in hard-hit housing markets, homes in desirable neighborhoods are receiving multiple offers.

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