My Awesome Twitter Story

This post was written by LisaJ on April 19, 2009
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Lisa Jacobson

Lisa Jacobson

Hello…my name is Lisa and I’m John’s daughter.  I attended a seminar in Las Vegas  and had a very cool experience involving Twitter. With all the recent hype about Twitter and the celebrities joining in it’s sometimes hard to imagine that your voice is being heard and that any real connection can be made.

My dad asked that I re-post here what I wrote on my blog a few weeks back…enjoy!

My Awesome Twitter Story

Bear with me. This story is a little on the long side but definitely worth it! This is about the power of Twitter, community and one very cool CEO.

I’ve been in Las Vegas all week at David Neagel’s “Experience the Reality of Success” seminar. It’s been a good week. I’m coming home feeling great with a boat load of new ideas for my business and I got to connect with clients in person and meet some great new friends as well!

David had 2 special speakers this week:  Ivanka Trump and Tony Hsieh of Zappos.com.  We didn’t find out about Tony Hsieh until the day before. Excited about hearing Tony speak is an understatement.  I follow Tony on Twitter and greatly admire him for what he’s created at Zappos.com. (I’ve been telling my husband for awhile that he needs to follow Tony on Twitter and he finally did.) I was curious if he was the same in person as he is portrayed in blogs and TV.

On Tuesday, when we were on break after Ivanka’s presentation and waiting for Tony to take the stage,  I called my husband and told him that Tony was next.  My husband said, “I know”.  Tony tweeted about Ivanka and being at the conference.

After the call I went back inside and took my seat. Tony gave a great presentation and afterward he took some questions and left. I saw him walking towards the exit (I was sitting in the very back) and turned my attention back towards the stage.

I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around. Tony says to me “Your husband tweeted me and said that you are here and I should say “hi” to you”.  GET OUT OF TOWN! This person who runs a BILLION dollar company and has over 300,000  people following him AND he is following over 200,000 people on Twitter, receives a tweet from my hubby, reads it AND takes the time to come by and say “hi”. WOW WOW WOW!

That’s not all….he then Direct Messages my hubby via Twitter to let him know that he found me and said “hi”. WOW AGAIN! Not only did he make this mompreneur’s (and customer’s) month (I bought my girls’ Heelys from Zappos.com) but I am now an enthusiastic customer who will tell everyone I know about my celebrity Twitter experience : D

He has reaffirmed my belief that you can still make it big in business and maintain your humanity. For me that reminder has been much needed.

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