Nevada County Wineries- Lucchesi Vineyard & Winery

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Lucchesi Vineyard

Lucchesi Vineyard

The Lucchesi Vineyard and Winery is located between Grass Valley and Cedar Ridge on a road called View Forever Lane. It’s an appropriate name, since the vineyard’s location does have some spectacular views.

The vineyard consists of 20 acres of steeply terraced terrain called the ‘View Forever Vineyard.’ Great care was taken in selecting the grape varieties and clones which are best suited to the soil. The southwestern exposure maximizes the sun’s rays, perfectly ripening the fruit with concentrated flavor, color and texture.

The vineyard is owned by Mario and Linda Clough. The name Clough is an adopted name, for Mario’s real name is Lucchesi. In honor of his heritage he named the wines after his original family name.

Along with the vineyards, there is a tasting room in downtown Grass Valley at the corner of Mill Street and Neal Street, right next to the Del Oro Theater. You can see their featured white wines at Lucchesi White Wines and their red wines at Lucchesi Red Wines

You can visit their website at Lucchesi Vineyards

Location of the vineyard:

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To get to the tasting room:

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