“Queen of Mean” Manor’s List Price Drops $50 Million

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Courtesy of Historical Society of Greenwich. Helmsley Estate

Courtesy of Historical Society of Greenwich. Helmsley Estate

Talk about a price reduction!  That’s exactly what the heirs of the late Leona Helmsley did; reduce the price of her Greenwich, Conn. Home by 40% to $75 million from an original list price of $125 million. Last July, a Russian billionaire paid Donald Trump $95 million for a Palm Beach, Fla., mansion originally listed at $125 million, a $30 million price reduction.

If you have a cool $75 million you can buy the manor house, 20,000 square feet, Jacobean- mansion complete with two pools, more than 13 bedrooms (six for servants) and a walk-in silver closet. In addition, the home’s baronial features include ornate lamp posts along the driveway, travertine marble floors, 15th-century fireplaces, extensive wood paneling, patterned plaster ceilings, two dining rooms, a wine cellar and a 52-by-26-foot indoor pool, according to the listing posted online with Greenwich realtor David Ogilvy & Associates.

In the 1980’s Helmsley and her late husband, Harry, paid $11 million for the property. Deciding to remodel the house, she billed her company for millions of dollars, which led her to be convicted of tax evasion. She served time in a federal prison. She got the nickname “Queen of Mean” from the way she treated her employees..

The estate for Helmsley – who died in 2007 at age 87 – divided $1 million equally to 10 animal and dog charities, including the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and several groups that train guide dogs for the blind. However, a judge ruled the trustees could donate to other cause

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