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Los Angeles Times

Drop in U.S. mortgage delinquency rates led by California, Arizona
The national mortgage delinquency rate – the percentage of borrowers 60 days or more late on their payments – fell to 5.41 percent in the third quarter from 5.88 percent in the same period in 2011, said TransUnion, one of the three major credit reporting companies.

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San Diego Union-Tribune

How the U.S. mortgage settlement can help military members
The national mortgage settlement between 49 states and five of the nation’s largest banks includes protections for service members.  Under the settlement, participating banks have agreed to provide consumers relief, everything from granting short sales to modifying mortgages to make them more affordable for homeowners.

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Los Angeles Times

FHA gives those who defaulted on homes another chance
The FHA, which backs nearly 8 million loans, is helping rebound buyers recapture the American dream, boosting the housing market in the process.  But that’s touched off a fierce debate about the financial and ethical wisdom of bankrolling borrowers who contributed to the last housing bubble – and the potential cost to taxpayers.

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