You’re The One Who Made Me Sell My Bike – A Motorcycle Song by Chris Crockett

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Chris’ comedy motorcycle song “You’re the One Who Made Me Sell My Bike” has been in the top 3 of YouTube’s top 10 Motorcycle Songs for 6 months.

Of course, you have to listen to the song to find out why he had to sell his bike.  A short bio furnished to me by Chris:

“Chris Crockett began creating songs at age 13 and has a compilation of hundreds of songs written over the past 44 years. Chris is the 3rd generation of the Crockett Family Kentucky Mountaineers, musicians who were instrumental in bringing country music to California.

Chris was born in Los Angeles, California. In the early 1960’s Chris coaxed his brothers Joel and Jeremy Crockett to form The Crockett Brothers trio. During the Crockett Brothers era Chris and the boys recorded two classic surfing/hot rod songs, “Mother Mother May I Go Surfing” and “Fastest Car In Town”. Both songs are highly prized by collectors on 45 rpm, and have recently been re-released on CD by Del-Fi/Donna Records , the label which originally recorded these two classics.

Chris is a lifetime member of the National Academy of Recording Artists and Sciences (NARAS), the organization that votes for the Grammys, and a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI). He has had several published songs and has written for major artists, motion pictures, independent artists and commercials. In 1975, Chris became a staff writer for music publisher Snuff Garrett (Garrett Music Enterprises, Inc.) During that time, he wrote songs recorded and performed by artists including Brenda Lee, Larry Mahan, Donnie Brooks, Susie Allison and several others.

In 2001, Chris made internet history with his “365 songs in 365 days” project, in which he uploaded a new song he had written every day from January 1 through December 31, 2001, completing a total of 365 original compositions and releasing 26 CDs each with 14 original songs. The 365/365 CDs are out of print, but you can download Chris’ newest album “Stranger In This Land” from ITunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, CDBaby as well as most other music sites.”

By Permission of Chris Crockett

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