Steve Jobs Spaceship Office Complex Construction Delayed

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Apple’s ambitious new second campus, which looks like a spaceship design straight out of Hollywood, is being delayed according to new info from Bloomberg . The huge circular new headquarters won’t be fully operational until 2016, according to revised plans filed with the city of Cupertino on November 14..

Some minor revisions to the plans are causing a delay in plan approval. The plans have been modified to relocate an auditorium, elimination of a bridge over a creek and to avoid moving dirt offsite during the construction phase. All these changes were made by Apple and not a requirement of the city. Due to red tape on the city’s part, it’s doubtful if construction can start right away.

The circular-shaped building design planned in a 176-acre space in Cupertino, Calif., is now expected to be under construction until at least mid-2016, about a year later than originally projected

The city was made aware of the submitted changes in August, but by filing in November, an approval in early 2013 is unrealistic, said Brandt. Apple initially planned to have the complex completed by 2015.campus-project-delayed.

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