Steve Jobs’ Yacht Impounded

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It seems after paying 105 Euros (about $138 million) for the construction of Steve Jobs Yacht that there is a bill left of about 3 million Euros (about $3.9 million). Therefore according to various sources,

Philippe Starck on board as co-designer — is a homage to everything sleek and sophisticated on Steve’s ship the Venus. He claims he is owed the money.

And yet, as the Associated Press reports, Starck seems not to have been paid the agreed amount for his refined efforts. Starck has reportedly hired a debt collection agency and has prevented Venus from leaving Amsterdam’s port.

“These guys [Jobs and Starck] trusted each other, so there wasn’t a very detailed contract,” Roelant Klaassen, a lawyer for Ubik, told Reuters.

The Venus is a floating ode to both Jobs and Starck’s minimalist aesthetic. Made entirely out of aluminum, with 40-foot-long floor-to-ceiling windows lining the passenger compartment and seven 27-inch iMacs making up the command center.

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