Owners Missing Money at Foreclosure Auctions

Because there’s strong demand for affordable residences in markets that are seeing home prices surge, some homes sold at foreclosure auctions are netting more than what the lender is owed. Once debts, liens, and fees are paid off, the home owner who’d fallen behind in their mortgage payments is entitled to the remainder. But here’s the […]

Donald Trump’s “University” Is Not a “University”!

Real estate mogul Donald Trump created Trump University promising students they’d learn the “insider” secrets of real estate and become his “next apprentice.” But a few former students are saying Trump’s courses fell short and were filled with “infomercials” disguised as educational classes that took advantage of people in “troubled economic times,” according to a […]

Donald Trump Claims He Screwed Gadhafi

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIfSb0EFCf4   Donald Trump says his business experience trumps many presidential wannabes – in the realm of foreign policy. In an appearance on Fox News Monday morning, the bombastic money man said he’s already negotiated with world leaders – including Libyan madman Moammar Gadhafi, whom he rented a piece of land for an exorbitant price. […]

Donald Trump’s Ex-Partner Indicted

Donald Trump has interesting ways of valuing his holdings, including his own net worth.   Mr. Trump, with his apparent combed over hair, seems to have an ego greater than the City of New York. So when Trump sued his Hong Kong real estate partners four years ago for not getting a good price on a […]