A Near Death Experience And Lessons Learned

On August 11, 2014, while working on a fire in the Klamath National Forest, Tom Browning and two others were forced to take refuge in fire shelters while the fire burned over them. Tom, a retired Fire Battalion Chief, shared this near death incident on Tuesday night with more than 20 FFA and 4H students […]

Pit Bull Helps Nevada County Woman Detect Seizures

  A woman who wanted a shelter dog as a companion for herself and her son instead got much more than that. The pit bull the Nevada County woman adopted can detect seizures, something important for her. Danielle Zuckerman, a former Navy nuclear scientist never knew adopting Thor could change her life. “I feel so much more […]

You Think We Have Traffic Jams in Nevada County?

httpv://youtu.be/ySSrG7HgvIQ Thousands of Bangladeshis crammed ferries and trains, leaving Dhaka on Thursday to return to their home villages and celebrate Eid al-fitr, which marks the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Don’t show this video clip to the airlines, they may get some new ideas on seating. I also wonder if they have […]

Vernazza – the History, the Disaster and the Recovery Part 3

The Recovery Vernazza’s First Farmacia and Restaurant and Re-Open: On January 21, 2012 Vernazza’s Farmacia (Pharmacy) reopened. By Italian law, a pharmacy is allowed no more than 90 days closure before the proprietor loses his/her license. Therefore, the work to restore the pharmacy was rushed to completion. The walls were empty and there was only […]

Vernazza – the History, the Disaster and the Recovery Part 2

Before and after photos. The Disaster: On October 25, 2011, Vernazza was struck by torrential rains, massive flooding and mudslides that left the town buried in many meters of mud and debris, causing over 100 million euro worth of damage. Three long time residents were killed in the flooding and mudslides that occurred on October […]

My Angel Passed Away

I lost my Angel, my pit bull that I had with me for almost 13 years.  She passed away on March 8, 2013 and I really miss her. I got Angel when she was only a pup of about 2 months.  At first when I took her for a drive, she would sit on my […]

New York Museum of Natural History

The next day we visited the American Museum of Natural History we had been here on our last trip to New York, but this museum could take easily take several FULL days of study. The first thing we did was to watch “Journey to the Stars” a short film narrated by Whoppi Goldberg about the […]

Housing Inventories Are Falling

Home prices are increasing across the country as the number of homes for-sale continues to fall. But at a time when buyer demand is picking up, why is inventory still so low? Inventories fell to 1.82 million at the end of last year, a 21.6 percent drop from one year earlier, the National Association of […]

The Power of Words

httpv://youtu.be/Hzgzim5m7oU How we use words in our every day life can have such an impact.  How the world perceives us, how we mean to inform people of our needs.  Even the words we use in every day life, to strangers to our love ones. This video The Power of Words really underscores this.  A well […]

Foreclosures Reach Lowest Level Since 2007

Foreclosure filings dropped again in July, marking the 10th straight month for year-over-year declines and reaching their lowest level since November 2007, RealtyTrac reports. But analysts are still mostly attributing the drop to banks’ processing delays as they take more time to take action against delinquent home owners. For July, about 212,764 homes received a […]