NID System Improvements Coming to Cascade Shores, Nevada County

Residents of Cascade Shores east of Nevada City will be getting a larger, more reliable public water system, under actions taken Wednesday (May 23) by the Nevada Irrigation District Board of Directors. The board voted to purchase 4400 feet of new eight-inch pipeline to replace deteriorating and undersized 4-inch and 6-inch main lines installed in […]

1896 Sheriff David Fulton Douglass is Killed in the Line of Duty

This monument to Sheriff  David Fulton Douglass is located just off of Airport Road near Nevada City, California.  It lays in the woods all by itself, with no houses nearby.  The monument represents where, on July 26, 1896, Sheriff Douglass, along with a bandit, shot and killed each other.  They are both buried at this […]

South Yuba River State Park, Nevada County, California

The South Yuba River State Park, located in Nevada County,  is a 20-mile portion of the South Yuba River canyon stretching from Malakoff Diggings State Historic Park to Bridgeport covered bridge. The area includes the longest single-span covered bridge in the world, the steep rugged canyon of the South Yuba River, and the Independence Trail […]

Lake Spaulding & High Sierra Lakes

Nevada County has numerous lakes. Most of them are located in the high country between Nevada City and the City of Truckee. Some of these lakes are; Toll house Lake, French Lake, Lake Spaulding, Webber Lake, White Rock Lake and there are more! Many of the lakes were formed by ancient glaciers that are now […]

Rollins Lake in Nevada County

There are many recreational lakes in Nevada County, one of which is Rollins Lake. The lake is located in an unincorporated area called Chicago Park, so called because the first settlers there were first generation Italian-Americans who settled in the area from Chicago. Rollins Lake is at an elevation of 2,100 feet, surrounded by a […]

Malakoff Diggings State Park

With all the bad news lately, it’s time to take a deep breath and think about all of the natural beauties that exist in this County. My friend Judy and I took a trip to Malakoff Diggings a couple of weeks ago. You can go the way we did, from Nevada City on Highway 49, […]

Coming to Nevada County

On a rainy night in October, 1968, my family moved to Nevada City from Quincy, CA. My sisters, with me following, explored the old Victorian house in darkness, with lightening striking outside the windows. We opened what we thought was a closet, to find a narrow dark staircase curving up to the second floor. My […]

February Rainstorm

Yesterday, a welcome rain after a dry January filled the creeks. This photo is of Wolf Creek rushing by the Northstar Mining Museum in Grass Valley. Taken here This blog by Richard Webster