Too Early to Call Housing Bottom

This post was written by jd on June 10, 2009
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Housing research organization IHS Global Insight estimates that the average U.S. home is undervalued by 12.2 percent, and many previously pricey communities are undervalued by considerably more.

A recent study released by IHS used home prices, interest rates, area incomes, population density, and historic premiums and discounts to analyze housing values. It examined 330 markets and found homes are underpriced in 248 of them.

Despite the high percentage of undervalued areas, IHS says “it is too early to call a bottoming,” as “job losses continue, housing inventories remain elevated, and consumers remain wary in light of economic uncertainty.”

Here are the 10 most undervalued areas:

1. Vero Beach, Fla., -42.5 percent
2. Houma, La., -41.4 percent
3. Las Vegas, -40.9 percent
4. Merced, Calif., -40.1 percent
5. Cape Coral, Fla., -39.1 percent
6. Houston, -36.9 percent
7. Midland, Tex., -34.8 percent
8. Lafayette, La., -34.4 percent
9. Vallejo, Calif., -34.3 percent
10. Stockton, Calif., -34.3 percent

Source: CNNMoney.com, Les Christie (06/04/2009)

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