Two Days in Montevideo, Urguay

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Montevideo, Uruguay

We spent three days in Montevideo.  Arriving by bus from Colonia, we took a taxi to what we thought was our hotel… NOT, then another taxi to a better location, thank goodness!!

Unfortunately for us, the next two days were Saturday and Sunday, which in an Catholic town means pretty much everything is shut down. We walked the pedestrian walk through the old town, as you can see from the pictures.

We were told that the best place to eat is the Mercato del Puerto, a huge metal structure with many eating establishments and craft shops. Although we didn’t get there in time the first day as they close at 5 PM, we were back on the second and it was a wonderful Parilla (grill) experience. One street was filled with fresh fruit and vegetable markets, and the fruit is excellent, just picked. John too a picture of his favorite ghoul made out of gourds and various other things. John found a local sketch artist who drew a picture of me (when I was 30 years younger) but you know John likes younger women so it pleased him to no end.

After walking to the old town we discovered a Tourist Bus, exploring the whole city, and how huge it is:1.3 million people, when the whole country is only 4 million. We took many pictures of sights along the way, although we didn’t get off as it was the last bus of the day. We saw the famous white sands beaches and thousands of beach worshipers. However the beach near us was rocky (see video). But then the wind picked up and that night we had a storm, luckily we made it to the Hostel before that.

The next day we found an Artesian market and made a few purchases, then a stroll through a Pre-Colombian art exhibit that covered African, and South American art. It also contained the relics of a huge turtle like thing with a huge spiked tail that was quite noteworthy.

On our way out the last evening, John took a picture of a naval ship with an interesting backdrop of storm clouds.

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Looks like you and Judy are having a great time. Jealous. When are you going to be state-side?

Written By Anonymous on February 20th, 2013 @ 11:20 AM

BTW the above comment was from Cheryl. Not sure how this blog thing works. Be safe.

Written By Anonymous on February 20th, 2013 @ 11:29 AM