What is My House Worth?

This post was written by jd on August 14, 2009
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Ready to sell your home, than how do you value it? I’ve worked with many sellers over the years and here’s what I hear from some of them. But first, a funny video from Youtube that illustrates our perception of values: .


Some comments I’ve heard from sellers:

1. I built this home and I know how well it’s built and I want to sell my home for —— (It’s too bad we can’t value a home this way)

2. I need to get this much for my house. (It’s too bad buyers will only pay market value for a home and not what a seller needs to get)

3. I don’t care what the market is, I know what my house is worth. (It’s too bad buyers will only pay market value for a home)

4. If I can’t sell it for what I want, I will not sell it. (Than why put it on the market?)

5. The house up the street just sold for —————— and my house is better, so I should get a higher price for my home. (Maybe, you don’t know if the seller of that house gave concessions to the buyer, which reduced the actual price paid or what other variables might be involved.)

The only way to set a value of the sales price of your home is to have a Realtor® do a comparative market analysis (I do them for you for free) or get an appraiser of your home.

So if you are ready to sell or want a free comparative market analysis, send me your e-mail me at

Please fill in your home address and any other information that you think would be helpful.

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