Pit Bull Helps Nevada County Woman Detect Seizures

  A woman who wanted a shelter dog as a companion for herself and her son instead got much more than that. The pit bull the Nevada County woman adopted can detect seizures, something important for her. Danielle Zuckerman, a former Navy nuclear scientist never knew adopting Thor could change her life. “I feel so much more […]

New Year 2015 fireworks from around the world

httpv://youtu.be/GSrOueHtCx4 After a turbulent year marred by terror woes, Ebola outbreaks and a horrific series of airline disasters, many could be forgiven for saying good riddance to 2014 and gratefully ringing in a new year. Across the globe, revelers looking for a respite from the gloom will converge on the beaches of Brazil, the shores […]

Happy New Year 2015

httpv://youtu.be/Km6i04BeCKs Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. May you find peace and happiness in 2015 Enjoy some of Abba’s greatest hits! John J. O’Dell

Creepiest Home Tours Ever

When you work in real estate, you don’t come across haunted houses only on Halloween. When touring properties for sale any time of the year, practitioners and their clients never know what they’ll scare up. Foreclosures in particular, some pros say, often account for the oddest showings, but other types of homes lend some surprises, […]

Review of Bear River Pasta Company

Bear River Pasta Company Entrance ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 4 By Judy J. Pinegar, Writer Recently, a friend recommended I try the Bear River Pasta Company, it was a little hard to find, at 109 Bank Street. Inside it is compact and very clean. There is a refrigerator full of pre-made pasta […]

Heartbleed Bug, Change Your Passwords

Just when you think you only have to worry about the government bugging you, along comes the Heartbleed bug. I don’t know about you, but I went ahead and changed some of my passwords on such sites as Google, Amazon and a couple of others. Anyhow, here’s more information on what’s happening if you having […]

Public Memorial for Bill Schultz

PUBLIC MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR BILL SCHULTZ Service scheduled for Saturday, January 11, at the Nevada County Fairgrounds.The family of Bill Schultz has planned a Public Memorial Service in his honor on Saturday, January 11, from 1 – 3 pm at the Main Street Center at the Nevada County. Bill, who passed away on November 27, was […]

Merry Christmas 2013


The Art of John Daly of Nevada City, California and Rino Minetti of Milan, Italy

httpv://youtu.be/pxGmygmFfMY Rinò Minetti of Milan, Italy and Photographer John Daly of Nevada City, CA.  They met online and have worked together to create these images from their work, Daly’s Photography and Rinò’s Digital Art. Sometimes a final image is made of one image from each, combined into a  new image. Sometimes there will be multiple images from each, combined into […]

Earth – A Tiny Blue Dot in the Middle of No Where

httpv://youtu.be/923jxZY2NPI Sometimes, its good to get a perspective of who we are and were we are in the Universe. Maybe we’ll be a little more kinder and tolerant of each other. John O’Dell