Gold Drops, Real Estate Shines Again

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Chart credit: Blanchard http://www.blanchardonline.com/market_charts/

Chart credit: Blanchard http://www.blanchardonline.com/market_charts/


Now that gold prices have dropped like a brick, real estate is starting to shine again.  Back in August 2011, when gold was at its peak, investors were asked where they’d want to keep their money long-term. According to a Gallup poll, 34% said gold was the best investment.

Now, only 24% of investors say gold is a good investment..  Real estate essentially ties gold for the best investment currently, at 25% to 24%, respectively. In August 2011, 19% of those surveyed listed real estate as their top choice.

Stocks also are more popular, with about 22% saying the market is the best long-term place for their investment dollars. In August 2011, 17% had that view.

“Stocks have been booming and real estate has been recovering in recent months, likely contributing to the decline in gold’s perceived investment status,” Gallup researchers noted in a prepared statement released late Tuesday.

Gold still has its standard bearers, of course. Though investors no longer are rushing to gold, solid support comes from men over 50 years old, while Americans who consider themselves politically independent favor gold over stocks almost two-to-one: 26% to 15%.

Source: Market Watch


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