Scenes of Posadas, Capital City of Misiones, Argentina

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By Judy J. Pinegar

We decided to leave Carlos Pelegrini a day early, as it is so had to get around here, not a lot to do that we haven’t done, and very hot. We have three times eaten at the same restaurant, on two occasions it was the only open place in town, and it took a lot of walking to find that out. So we are giving the family a plug, when in Carlos Pelegrini eat at the Yacaru Pora Restaurante. See John’s picture of me with the mother and son, of obvious German or Dutch extraction which seems common in this part of Argentina, a few blond heads.

We are leaving in a remise (car for hire) run by Hugo Boccalandro, who seems to be the wheeler and dealer in town for transportation due to the terrible bus situation, and we are going direct to Posadas, which is on the way to Iguazu Falls, our next long stop. The trip was a LONG one a very bad dirt road for about 2 of the three hours.

We saw some farms and many, many huge dirt mounds right out in the middle of a field or near a fence, and a lot near the town of Posada were there were electrical wires. I found out they are Argentine fire ants which I have discovered  have mounds up to 12 inches tall and wider at the base. However when you look at them, you see absolutely no activity.  Apparently they access the outside through tunnels going out in the dirt all around the mound, opening up about 30 yards away from the nest. We didn’t go check that out because in Carlos Pelegrini, John was bit by some of these very tiny ants on the hand, and three days later they still hurt! Wikipedia says they are also attracted to electricity.

We traveled along the edge of the Esteros del Iberia marshes for a long way, then across dry land to the town of Posadas which is on the river Parana. On the other side of the river is the country of Paraguay. We arrived there about 6 PM, and stayed in a hotel across from the main square, with the obligatory church and a nice park where we saw children running through a sort of unique ground level water fountain of various timing and heights. it was hot and I wished I could go in too.

Posadas is a larger town with about 300 thousand inhabitants, but not much in the way of sights as we discovered after walking all over town the next day trying to find open museums. Posadas is sort of a stopping point to see area where there are ruins of an old Jesuit mission  system (30 missions in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina in the 1600’s and 1700’s. We decided to go to the small town of San Ignacio for a closer look… in our next blog

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