66 Million Trees are Dead in the Sierra Nevada Forest

I’ve noticed with great alarm the number of trees dying from the drought and beetle infestation here in Nevada County  It seems like every day, while driving around the county, I see another group of pine trees dying or dead. There is a small about 1,000 foot long cul-de-sac near my house. I counted 27 […]

NID Adopts Drought Plan; Calls for 20% Conservation

March 25, 2015 Directors of the Nevada Irrigation District on Wednesday (Mar. 25) adopted a series of drought measures that include limits on outdoor watering and a call for continued 20 percent reductions in water use by all district customers. In a presentation to the NID Board of Directors, Water Operations Manager Chip Close recommended […]

State Drought Action Impacts Nevada Irrigation District Water Diversions

GRASS VALLEY – The water rights used by the Nevada Irrigation District to fill reservoirs and supply customers in Nevada and Placer counties are among those covered in the state’s May 27 curtailment order. To address record dry conditions in California, the State Water Resources Control Board ordered some 2,600 agencies to stop diverting water […]