5 Deck Makeover Projects Under $300

httpv://youtu.be/zBWuHbRWgpc By: John Riha Published: July 2, 2012 Want to upgrade your deck but watching your budget? Here are 5 easy deck makeover ideas, many well under $300. You won’t have to plug them in or wire anything, either. Their solar-charged batteries are renewed every day, and the lights are built to withstand all kinds of […]

What’s the Color of Your Front Door Say About You?

The front door of a home can be an attention-getting feature on the home’s exterior, beckoning potential buyers inside. “Like a necktie, which is the focal point of an outfit, the front door is the focal point of the home,” says Debbie Zimmer, color expert at the Paint Quality Institute. “The color there sends a […]

NID System Improvements Coming to Cascade Shores, Nevada County

Residents of Cascade Shores east of Nevada City will be getting a larger, more reliable public water system, under actions taken Wednesday (May 23) by the Nevada Irrigation District Board of Directors. The board voted to purchase 4400 feet of new eight-inch pipeline to replace deteriorating and undersized 4-inch and 6-inch main lines installed in […]

Building a Straw Bale House

httpv://youtu.be/XgbORHvveTY   Straw bales are a high  insulation value, low-embodied-energy, natural building material made from an agricultural waste product. For many, they are locally available and affordable. Straw is easy to work with for people new to construction as they are flexible and can be very forgiving. Curves add beauty to a straw bale house […]

Can’t Afford a Big Home, How About a Tiny House?

As Americans downsize in the aftermath of a colossal real estate bust, at least one tiny corner of the house industry. Some put these wheeled homes in their backyards to use as offices, studios or extra bedrooms. Others use them as mobile Jay Shafer, 46, co-founder of the Small House Society, sitting on the porch […]

Buying a Home, Beware When Home Lacks Permit

By Paul Bianchina It’s an all too common situation. You find a perfect home for sale in an ideal neighborhood. It’s been beautifully remodeled, and it has everything you’ve been searching for. Even the price is right. Something tells you it might be too good to be true, but you put in an offer anyway, […]

A Glass House on the Range

On the outskirts of a tiny agricultural town , Joseph, Oregon, where hay bales and tractors are the usual roadside attractions, sits a 1,440-square-foot glass box. Three sides of the house are transparent, made from triple-paned glass, leaving the living area, kitchen and bedroom visible. The fourth wall is clad in cedar siding to protect […]

It Pays to Build Green

By Tina Perinotto Here comes more proof that green buildings make sense – dollars and sense in fact. This time a study by the University of San Diego and CB Richard Ellis Group, found that tenants in green buildings experience increased productivity and fewer sick days, and that green buildings have lower vacancy and higher […]

I’m Building a Barn, Part 4

October 28 I building a barn for clients whom I built their home in 2002, than a workshop last year and now they have decided to build a barn. We lost a lot of time last week because of the rains.  We finished putting the roofing on today, finished the rough plumbing and actually screwed […]

The Landscape Design Process, Nevada County, CA

Hello readers, I am Elizabeth. John has extended an invitation for me to contribute to this blog.  My contributions will revolve around the continuing education of my profession.  I have a degree in Landscape Architecture and some people are still surprised that such a degree is available.  In this first post, however, I will talk […]