The Town of Washington (originally called Indiana Camp) Nevada County, CA

By Judy J. Pinegar This little town in Nevada County is located on the banks of the South Fork of the Yuba River. It is located off Highway 20 between Nevada City and Interstate 80. Washington boasts a population on about 200, but that fluctuates seasonally and the town has a lot of tourist traffic […]

Workshop to Get Your Life Back on Track

by Lisa J. Lehr On Saturday, October 23, my friend and fellow Toastmaster Jolen Punches and I will be presenting the workshop “Discover and Conquer Your Obstacles and Get Your Life Back on Track” at Sierra Commons in Nevada City. In this workshop you will learn how to: ·         Shift your thinking in order to […]

Profitable Coupon Strategies for Small Businesses

by Lisa J. Lehr Coupons are an especially effective strategy for brick-and-mortar, local-clientele businesses. They can work for online businesses as well, but too many potential buyers will decide not to print the coupon because it requires too much ink, because too many clicks are involved and they bail out along the way, or for […]

Nevada Union High School Senior Wins Double Master Showmanship Award at Nevada County Fair

Shelby McClelland receives two prestigious awards On Saturday evening, Shelby McClelland, a senior at Nevada Union High School, took home two master showmanship awards – one in the small animal division and another in the large animal division. This is the “best of the best,” the highest showmanship award granted by the Nevada County Fair, […]

Does Your Website “Suck”

By: Lisa J.  Lehr Everyone knows by now (or should) that if you have a business, you must have a website. Even if you have a brick-and-mortar building and a strictly local clientele, you need a website to stay competitive. Many people toss their phone books into the recycle bin as soon as they get […]

Are You a Dog or Cat Person?

By Lisa J. Lehr Perhaps you’ve just bought your first home, and for the first time ever you have an opportunity to adopt a pet. Or perhaps you’ve had a dog or a cat and are wondering if the other kind of pet would work for you. So which is better: dog or cat? Consider […]

Are You Ready to Get Serious About Your Marketing?

by Lisa J. Lehr Business owners can easily get stuck in a vicious cycle: Business isn’t so good. They can’t afford to outsource their marketing. They do it themselves, results remain poor, and business remains not-so-good. How do business owners get out of this vicious cycle? It’s not easy, but it’s simple: they make a […]

Irish Wolfhound, Logan, A Dog Taller Than His Owner

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4HrgcbUIUc By Jeff Toff This is Logan who was born on St. Patrick’s day!  5 years ago.  He was a champion show dog, winning every show he entered except one.  He retired from the ring and became my hiking buddy. Logan is the gentlest giant around.  When other dogs–big or small–growl at Logan, he just wags […]

Swimming: For Fitness, or Just For Fun?

by Lisa J. Lehr It’s been a long, cool spring, but it’s bound to get hot one of these days. And when it does, human bodies will be heading for water bodies in droves. There’s no question that swimming cools you off, provided the water temperature is lower than your body temperature—which it is, unless […]

No Website? Get With It Already!

by Lisa J. Lehr In an earlier post, I talked about the importance of autoresponders: those little automated messages that your website visitors get when they opt in to (i.e., put their name and e-mail address in the boxes) your website. In doing some outreach to local businesses recently, however, I discovered that not only […]