Without Power during the November Snow Storm in Nevada County

Friday night, November 19 2010, it started snowing and by Saturday morning I had about six to eight inches of snow.  Just as I started to go to work on my computer, the power went out.  With no power, I have no heat so I figured…  I’d better leave for the weekend.  On the way […]

Nevada City, North Bloomfield, Bridgeport Harley Drive

I found this gem on YouTube httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GxoO74Mu3o John J. O’Dell Real Estate Broker 530-263-1091 To contact the Bridgeport State Park call (530) 432-2546

Angel & I on Nevada County

  Angel asked me the other day why I liked Nevada County so much. She said she’s 49 now and we have always lived here. (Angel’s seven, but dogs age seven times faster then humans, although some times I think I’m keeping up with her) I said Angel, it’s like this, to give you an […]

Happy Holidays Nevada County

Happy Holidays to everyone. Since its the holiday season, I am writing a very short blog. As we begin 2009, we know that the news has not been the best, but we are fortunate to live in a beautiful area, with a great variety of climates, terrain, plant and animal life. We still have the […]

Nevada County Free Discount Prescription Card

I was wandering around on the Internet the other day and what a surprise when I stumbled unto the fact that the county of Nevada County has a free prescription card. On reading further on the Nevada County website, it states that the card may be used by all county residents, regardless of age, income […]

Winter Nevada County January 2008

Winter is finally here. I live in Cascade Shores and I’m guessing that I’ve had about two to three of snow at my house. To go to town from the Shores you have a choice of either going on Banner Quaker Hill Cross Road with a thirty one percent grade or going on Pasquale Road. […]