Nevada County Snow Pictures, March 25, 2011

[ Pictures taken by John J. O’Dell These are pictures that I took on the way to Grass Valley.  Click on the pictures to enlarge them and view them with Pic Lens which is the best way to see these pictures. If the does not work for you try this slide show.   For all […]

Nov 2010 Snow Storm Falls Trees, Crashes Cars Nevada County

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4WLH7n2AZE This video was taken by Blancolirio off of Quaker Mountain Road This only shows the tip of the iceberg of the storm damage. Power was out for 6000 people or more for several days and I still see a lot of trees that have fallen or lost their tops. For all your real estate […]

Without Power during the November Snow Storm in Nevada County

Friday night, November 19 2010, it started snowing and by Saturday morning I had about six to eight inches of snow.  Just as I started to go to work on my computer, the power went out.  With no power, I have no heat so I figured…  I’d better leave for the weekend.  On the way […]

Snow Pictures From My Deck

My house is located in Cascade Shores, outside of Nevada City.  I’ve used a GPS and the elevation of the house is 3,700 feet.  On a clear day, you can see Scotts Flat Lake.  On a very clear day, you can see the Coast Range Mountains, but there aren’t too many days when that happens. […]

Scotts Flat Lake Winter 2009

There was a nice blanket of snow which fell last night at my house. I would guess that there was a little over one foot of snow which made everything outside look like a winter wonder land. My house is located in Cascade Shores about 11 miles from Nevada City and at an elevation of […]

Stuck on Highway 49

Today I took my Prius down the mountain instead of my trusty four wheel drive chevy. With all the snow on the ground and having lived in Nevada County since the miners founded this area, I should know better. But driving slowly and carefully I made it to my office. Having to go to Loomis […]

Fun Weather!

Thursday started off in Grass Valley and Nevada City with a beautiful Hollywood-set snowstorm. I Of course, as with most snowstorms around here, the next day dawned with a small amount of snow remaining in town, soon to be washed away by further rain. It’s always a bit amusing to watch people drive in the […]

February Rainstorm

Yesterday, a welcome rain after a dry January filled the creeks. This photo is of Wolf Creek rushing by the Northstar Mining Museum in Grass Valley. Taken here This blog by Richard Webster