Scotts Flat Lake January 2013

Scotts Flat Reservoir seems to be very close to the spillway elevation which is approximately 3074.8 feet in elevation. That’s the elevation in which the water starts flowing out due to increase in volume from rainfall or from release of water from upper dams.  As of today, the elevation of the water is 3073 or […]

The Town of Washington (originally called Indiana Camp) Nevada County, CA

By Judy J. Pinegar This little town in Nevada County is located on the banks of the South Fork of the Yuba River. It is located off Highway 20 between Nevada City and Interstate 80. Washington boasts a population on about 200, but that fluctuates seasonally and the town has a lot of tourist traffic […]

Bullards Bar Reservoir & Emerald Cove Marina, Dobbins, California

Bullards Bar Reservoir is not in Nevada County, but it is close enough to Nevada City and Grass Valley as to make it a destination for water skiing, house boating and fishing. It’s only 21 miles north of Nevada City off of Highway 49 in the historic gold country. The three closest cities are Nevada […]

A Hike to Grouse Ridge, Land of a 100 Lakes

Jeff Toff, a local Grass Valley attorney  took a hike around Grouse Ridge with his dog Logan a few weeks ago. Logan is an Irish Wolfhound, and when Logan puts his front feet on Jeff, he’s a lot taller than Jeff. Jeff took many pictures while he was there and I’ve combined them into a […]