Sierra Nevada Snowpack Is Virtually Gone; Water Content Now Is Only 5 Percent of Historic Average, Lowest Since 1950

 April 1, 2015 SACRAMENTO – The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) found no snow whatsoever today during its manual survey for the media at 6,800 feet in the Sierra Nevada. This was the first time in 75 years of early-April measurements at the Phillips snow course that no snow was found there. Governor Edmund […]

Nevada Irrigation Districts Lakes and Canals have Unusal Titles

How’s the water out there in Wiskey Diggins Canal? Was the Fiddler Green Canal titled after an early day musician? Did you ever wonder how the DSL Canal was named? The names of water storage and distribution facilities throughout NID are colorful and unusual but, unfortunately, the origination of many of them has been lost […]

Scotts Flat Reservoir Lake Level September 2014

Scotts Flat Reservoir ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 9 Scotts Flat Reservoir Pictures  by John J. O’Dell from my deck. The water level in the lake is down further than I’ve seen since I’ve lived in Cascade Shores, or at least it seems that way.  Scotts Flat Lake or should I say reservoir, […]

Bill Wells Tour of the Delta

httpv://youtu.be/P_GLn8SKwGA Join some Delta rats for a short tour of the fabulous California Delta.  Bill Wells the Executive Director of the California Delta Chambers & Visitor’s Bureau gives a tour of Georgiana Slough and Walnut Grove, Mark Wilson a professional fishing consultant gives some tips for fishing in the Rio Vista area, and finally visit the […]

Boating On The California Delta

By Bill Wells Every year in the spring when the weather turns warmer and the rains subside, thoughts turn to boating in the Delta. Certainly there are many diehard boaters about in the winter months too, but the advent of spring brings them out in force. Most resorts and restaurants that close for a winter […]

Steve Jobs Yacht “Venus” Unveiled in Aalsmeer, Netherland

httpv://youtu.be/0mUp1PP98uU Steve Jobs’ yacht was unveiled in a Dutch shipyard on Sunday, where the unusual boat designed by Jobs and famed minimalist designer Philippe Starckwas christened “Venus,” after the Roman goddess of love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory. According to Dutch website OneMoreThing, the finished ship was launched at shipbuilder Koninklijke De Vries in […]

Rambling around the California Delta

By Bill Wells Reprinted at the request of Bill, first published in Bay & Delta Yachtsman Magazine Fishing is Great I have to tell you the fishing in the Delta lately has been great.  I think it is because of all the rain this year keeping the rivers full.  I met Dillon Pitts, Alex Chatoian, […]