Bridgeport Historic Ranch and Famous Covered Bridge, Nevada County, CA

By Judy Pinegar Feb 26, 2017 –           It was a beautiful sunny/cloudy day in Nevada County. Having a bit of cabin fever due to all the rain, John and I set out for Bridgeport with Hershey, our beautiful, black, half Labrador dog.             Stopping first on the other side of the Yuba River, the […]

Scotts Flat Lake January 2013

Scotts Flat Reservoir seems to be very close to the spillway elevation which is approximately 3074.8 feet in elevation. That’s the elevation in which the water starts flowing out due to increase in volume from rainfall or from release of water from upper dams.  As of today, the elevation of the water is 3073 or […]

Hiking The Yuba River Independence Trail Going East

By Judy J. Pinegar On Sunday, May  27, 2012 John and I went for a walk. Leaving the Flour Garden Cafe in Grass Valley, we traveled north on Hwy 49 to the parking lot for the Independence Trail. Studying the map, we decided to try the East Trail. We had Angel on a leash, and […]

A Tour of Granite Quarries – Griffith Quarry, Penryn, CA and Rocklin, CA

By Judy Pinegar John and I wanted some exercise so we went to Griffith Quarry Park and Museum in Penryn, CA.  This site is listed on both the National Register of Historic Places and the California Landmark Program. The surrounding 23-acre park contains ruins of the first polishing mill built in California and some of […]

Bullards Bar Reservoir & Emerald Cove Marina, Dobbins, California

Bullards Bar Reservoir is not in Nevada County, but it is close enough to Nevada City and Grass Valley as to make it a destination for water skiing, house boating and fishing. It’s only 21 miles north of Nevada City off of Highway 49 in the historic gold country. The three closest cities are Nevada […]

Independence Trail, Nevada County

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUFfOHdy0d4 By: Roberts Ridge Report™ For further information on this trail, see my post

A Hike to Grouse Ridge, Land of a 100 Lakes

Jeff Toff, a local Grass Valley attorney  took a hike around Grouse Ridge with his dog Logan a few weeks ago. Logan is an Irish Wolfhound, and when Logan puts his front feet on Jeff, he’s a lot taller than Jeff. Jeff took many pictures while he was there and I’ve combined them into a […]

Walk For Health, But Stay Healthy And Pain Free

by Lisa J. Lehr Exercise is good. Some of us have undoubtedly made a New Year’s resolution to exercise more. And walking is, for most people, the best choice because it:  1.      Doesn’t require much training;  2.      Doesn’t require special equipment;   3.      Doesn’t (usually) require travel to a special place, such as a gym, […]

Camp Far West Reservoir

Camp Far West Reservoir also called Camp Far West Lake, is located at the junction of Placer, Nevada and Yuba counties. Both Beale Air Force Base and the Spenceville Wildlife Area lay directly to the north of the lake. The lake’s location makes it easily accessible by coming from Nevada City, Grass Valley and Western […]

South Yuba River State Park, Nevada County, California

The South Yuba River State Park, located in Nevada County,  is a 20-mile portion of the South Yuba River canyon stretching from Malakoff Diggings State Historic Park to Bridgeport covered bridge. The area includes the longest single-span covered bridge in the world, the steep rugged canyon of the South Yuba River, and the Independence Trail […]