NID Adopts Drought Plan; Calls for 20% Conservation

March 25, 2015 Directors of the Nevada Irrigation District on Wednesday (Mar. 25) adopted a series of drought measures that include limits on outdoor watering and a call for continued 20 percent reductions in water use by all district customers. In a presentation to the NID Board of Directors, Water Operations Manager Chip Close recommended […]

Nevada Irrigation Districts Lakes and Canals have Unusal Titles

How’s the water out there in Wiskey Diggins Canal? Was the Fiddler Green Canal titled after an early day musician? Did you ever wonder how the DSL Canal was named? The names of water storage and distribution facilities throughout NID are colorful and unusual but, unfortunately, the origination of many of them has been lost […]

Scotts Flat Reservoir Lake Level September 2014

Scotts Flat Reservoir ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 9 Scotts Flat Reservoir Pictures  by John J. O’Dell from my deck. The water level in the lake is down further than I’ve seen since I’ve lived in Cascade Shores, or at least it seems that way.  Scotts Flat Lake or should I say reservoir, […]

Heavy Smoke Over Scott’s Flat Lake

I woke up this morning and looked out my window to discover that Scotts Flat Lake was covered with smoke. Wondering where the fire was and hopefully not near my house, I looked at the Cal-Fire website to determine the location of the fire. Since the fire is in the Tahoe National Forest, I linked […]

Scotts Flat Lake January 2013

Scotts Flat Reservoir seems to be very close to the spillway elevation which is approximately 3074.8 feet in elevation. That’s the elevation in which the water starts flowing out due to increase in volume from rainfall or from release of water from upper dams.  As of today, the elevation of the water is 3073 or […]

Bullards Bar Reservoir & Emerald Cove Marina, Dobbins, California

Bullards Bar Reservoir is not in Nevada County, but it is close enough to Nevada City and Grass Valley as to make it a destination for water skiing, house boating and fishing. It’s only 21 miles north of Nevada City off of Highway 49 in the historic gold country. The three closest cities are Nevada […]

Scotts Flat Lake, Nevada County, CA

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htW7RpS67d4 This video was taken off of my deck in Cascade Shores. View Larger Map For all your real estate needs, call or Email: John J. O’Dell Real Estate Broker O’Dell Realty (530) 263-1091 Email John at jodell@nevadacounty.com

Scotts Flat Lake Level Drops

September 28, 2009 As you can see from the picture I took from my deck last Saturday morning, Scotts Flat Lake is down to its usual fall levels. On May of this year, the water level was at around elevation 3,070. Nevada Irrigation District chart shows that it contained 500,000 acre feet of water. (An […]

Camp Far West Reservoir

Camp Far West Reservoir also called Camp Far West Lake, is located at the junction of Placer, Nevada and Yuba counties. Both Beale Air Force Base and the Spenceville Wildlife Area lay directly to the north of the lake. The lake’s location makes it easily accessible by coming from Nevada City, Grass Valley and Western […]

Collins Lake, Oregon House, California

Although Collins Lake Recreational Area is not in Nevada County, it is close enough to our area to be considered a great place to go fishing, boating or camping. Collins Lakes sits at an elevation of 1,200 with a surface area of over 1,000 acres with 12 miles of shoreline. There are many activities at […]